Aug 13, 2013

Another bunch of old Dredd pics...

...with a dodgy Batman thrown in...these are from '96/'97 or so.

Just an Edinburgh book Festival reminder, we'll be talking all things 2000AD and Judge Dredd in '2000AD: Back to the future' on Sunday 25th August at Baillie Gifford Main Theatre from 3 to 4pm.



  1. All look fantastic especially Mortis

  2. Have always loved that Judge Dredd 'hall of mirrors' page. In fact it's one of my favourite images of Dredd ever!

    Great work Jim!

    Hope to see you again on Dredd sometime! :-)

  3. That's one of my all-time favorite batman illustrations. I'd love to know how you achieve those effects with acrylic paint.

  4. Hey Jim! Nick Oroc.....dude...received my copy of Drowntown! Awesome work as usual on the art side. Congrats and hats off to you and Robbie for a fine job!

    Best of luck at the book festival too! :)

  5. Dude, I'm an older mtg player (3 years; toting 11 decks always) and have found ONE card I really like: Gaea's Herald. [Gatherer didn't find it with "Gaea's" but did with Gaea"].

    What with mtg teaching non-racism and non-religious-bigotry by inadvertence and otherwise just sociability, I began to wish it were a vehicle for ecology, conservation, Momma Nature. I have a fairly well-conceived, elaborated plan to put NATURE vs. Evil on the net, coming in two formats, both using basic mtg rules and cards until enough are available widely and freely in the e-world.

    I fantasize the Gaea's Herald art as (eventual) back of the cards and sleeves. [Even though I use no mind-bending chemicals!]

    Idea is that any eco-organization could produce their own versions of key cards. First, Spirits-of-Nature: Momma Nature (green; plant life) Sister "Myrma" Nature (red; ants, especially endangered species). so on for blue (birds), white (humans?!), black (native bees). Alternatives per individual graphics producer should fit. Snakes, ..., especially if they can damage bad guys.

    The other most-basic cards are Spirit-of-Life cards, sorta-kinda analogs to basic lands.

    The abilities are not greatly unlike mtg's but are importantly different. The format(s) very different. And, to start, 1000s of mtg cards fill out the decks.

    Sure could use some help on this nobody-proprietor concept, especially eco-oriented folk? 931-575-1436

    1. Any group or individual participant would ref their own sites, phones, whatever at the copyright area, and any new artwork could include ref to them somehow. Subtle-how, hopefully, or at least smart-how.

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  9. Is anyone able to tell me which issues or stories the pages above feature in? Many thanks!